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This service is closed. Applications to the Register of Insurance Intermediaries will in future be completed in the Financial Supervisory Authority's electronic services: Brokers and agents registered in the Register of Insurance Intermediaries can now be viewed at:
Register entries of an insurance broker (legal person)

The term full-time insurance intermediary refers to all insurance intermediaries who are not ancillary intermediaries as referred to in the Act on Insurance Distribution (234/2018).

Operating in other EU-countries

Ruotsi, Norja, Tanska, Viro, Latvia, Liettua, Belgia, Irlanti

Person in charge of intermediary business
Name Registration day
Harry Wilhelm Strömberg 3.1.2018
Harry Wilhelm Strömberg
Member of the board
Marie Ally Christina Brytzer
Johan Sven Arnold Lindvall
Harry Wilhelm Strömberg